Distributed Generation

Large scale solar projects have large scale benefits.

Verogy can handle projects of any scale. We know large projects can be intimidating, but we will guide your project through each step to ensure the best possible experience for you.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation solar facilities may require a lot of initial work in the planning and development phase, but once the facility is built and operating, the array is essentially generating money with little overhead and few maintenance costs. The energy produced by your system is also helping the environment rather than hurting it, and helping to create a more sustainable Earth.

Bristol Solar One is a 3.25 MWac solar project located on the property of 399 Hill Street in Bristol, Connecticut.

Burlington Solar One is a 3.5 MWac solar project located on Lot 33 on Prospect Street in Burlington, CT.

East Windsor Solar One is a 4.975 MWac solar project located at Thrall and Middle Road in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Southington Solar One is a 4.725 MWac solar project located at 1012 East Street in Southington, CT

Torrington Solar One is a 1.98 MWac solar project located at 236 East Pearl Road in Torrington, CT.

Watertown Solar One is a 1.875 MWac solar project located at 669 Platt Road in Watertown, CT.

Royalston Solar One is a 5 MWac solar project located on Town Dump Road in Royalston, MA.

Distributed Generation projects have incredible environmental benefits. Learn more about what your project can do to help sustain our Earth.

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