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That is what solar power is and why companies and organizations all over the world are recognizing the potential it can bring. Solar energy is the future trend of energy because it can reduce electricity bills, is environmentally friendly, renewable, and it requires little maintenance. This is the ground floor of a new and exciting industry that will power our society and we are proud to be solar builders and innovators.

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The Verogy team has extensive experience developing on-site and off-site energy projects

Our goal with every project is to take the risk off our clients’ plate. Solar is a departure from the fossil-fuels we have depended on for so long. In fact, one of the major hurdles to a solar project is simply leaving the norm. We believe that the time to invest in solar energy is now, as technology is improving and renewable energy sources are becoming more prevalent .This is why Verogy, as developer from beginning to end, bears the risk. We originate, design, permit, and cover all steps in the process, so you have a hands-off experience. The headaches are ours, the benefits are yours.

Get in on the ground floor with renewable energy.

Who wouldn’t want a part of a growing industry with enormous potential?

The Anatomy of a Solar Project

Solar project development is largely an entrepreneurial activity. There are many risks and unknowns associated with each solar project. But with a motivated, professional team behind your project, the path to success is clear. It is crucial to do as much work as possible before the first panel is even delivered. This up-front diligence is what sets Verogy apart. So many solar projects get bogged down when unexpected hurdles and delays drag the project past its timeline and budget. We avoid this through extensive thought, a proven approach, and thorough preparation beginning with asking the right questions.

  • What is the motivation for the project? For something as significant as a solar project, a clarity of purpose is essential to obtain the resources needed for a solar project. It is a common mistake to jump to financial and technical details before a fundamental base is established. The answers to “why” need to be answered long before we get to the “how”.
  • Who are you? You are taking a risk on a new technology so we take the time to get to know you and your methodology behind your solar project. This partnership serves the project by strengthening lines of communication.
  • What are the major risks? The major unknowns in any project are more prevalent in the development stages of the project. Identifying them early and establishing workarounds saves time and money later.
The Anatomy Of A Solar Project | Verogy

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