Tax Support and Incentives

Verogy helps you identify tax incentives and credits that add further value to your solar project and help you reap the economic benefits of renewable energy.

Clean energy and lower energy bills.

The Benefits of Solar Go Beyond Clean Energy

With Verogy, your commercial solar project is handled professionally from beginning to end. We bring the professional expertise, the industry knowledge, and the experience. Once the project is built, you’re free to enjoy the benefits, including renewable energy tax credits and incentives. This is a service we offer that’s included in our Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) offering. After Verogy handles every step of the project, we pass the value on to you.

The Solar Tax Credit Is Over 20% Through 2021, Meaning the Time to Begin Your Solar Project Is Now!

After you build your solar array, remember to consult your tax adviser for more information and the specifics about how these credits and incentives affect your tax situation. The tax credit will drop to 10% in 2022, so now is the best time to begin your solar project, when the tax credit is at 26%!

What Is The Solar Tax Credit?

As long as you own your solar energy system, you or your business is entitled to the federal solar tax credit. This credit allows you to subtract 30% of the cost of installing the solar array from your taxes for the year it was built. This credit is more powerful than a deduction because it reduces your overall tax liability for the year, as opposed to a deduction that only lowers your taxable income. Your business still benefits from these credits, even if you have leased the solar equipment from us or signed a PPA. Verogy builds these savings into your agreement, meaning your prices stay lower than what local utilities are charging, and you still experience a return on your investment.

How Can Verogy Help Me Claim These Credits and Incentives?

Getting the most value from your solar project isn’t easy. When you want to claim tax credits or incentives, certain requirements need to be met. The right documents need to be filed, and state and federal government entities need as much project information as possible. All this paperwork is a burdensome task that’s a mystery to many clients, which can make solar tax benefits difficult to access. This especially comes in to play when a client works in multiple states because of the differences in requirements for each state. Our priority is to help you navigate the process by being your adviser for getting the most out of your tax credits.

Verogy Helps With State Incentive Programs

Verogy is familiar with many eastern state solar incentive programs, and as a nationwide company, we can work with any locality. Here are some solar incentive programs we have worked with in the past:

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