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Verogy knows how to efficiently analyze data, draw meaningful insights, and take corrective action to optimize your solar asset performance.

A solar project is only as good as its ability to operate at peak performance.

A solar asset is a complicated system

Just like your HVAC and plumbing, if it isn’t working properly or is damaged, it requires specialized training to troubleshoot and repair. This is why Verogy has developed a comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) plan to guarantee your asset’s performance over time.

Quality installation is a foundation but proper solar panel maintenance is the end result of a comprehensive operations and maintenance strategy. Verogy uses an efficient monitoring platform, advanced analytical capabilities, a network of qualified maintenance technicians, and a playbook of best practices that we have developed through experience to keep your solar array at peak performance for the life of the asset. Our O&M plan covers routine maintenance visits as well as responsive visits.

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Once the asset is completed, the transition to operations is very important. A system should perform as intended and the commissioning process makes sure that what was designed for optimal performance, is constructed to provide it. Verogy provides commissioning services on every project we manage as well as a stand-alone service.

  • Full visual inspection of all panels and physical construction.
  • Mechanical inspection including torque verification of critical connections.
  • String testing (IV curve test).
  • Full system production evaluation.
  • Thermal scanning and analysis.
  • Commissioning report of all findings.

Monitoring and maintaining your array is the key to profitability.

We deploy a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance strategy for every site to protect your investment and ensure optimal performance.

Monitoring - Analysis - Dispatching

Solar systems are not something you set and forget, they require consistent monitoring and analysis to maintain optimal performance. Verogy uses a third-party data acquisition system along with proprietary analytical systems to acquire and analyze data as well as detect site alarms for all systems and equipment.

  • Data acquisition in 15 minute intervals to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Full site and inverter level performance data and alarms.
  • Site weather and irradiance data.
  • Analyze all performance data for trends that may predict issues.
  • Proprietary algorithms prioritize site visits.
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Field Service

Verogy can provide O&M coverage throughout the country. We leverage our nation-wide service network with our in-house protocols and quality control procedures. This allows us to provide the consistent O&M services that are critical to the successful operation of a solar energy facility anywhere in the US.

  • Proprietary O&M standards.
  • Focus on safety – all service providers are OSHA-30 certified.
  • Qualification and training process standardizes all service providers in regards to training and equipment use.
  • Random site audits are conducted to make sure that service providers are adhering to standards.


The ability to provide quantitative and qualitative data is a requirement for some projects to get funding and to monitor the return on investment. We provide customized asset performance reporting that gives you accurate and easy-to-use site data.

  • Customizable web-based dashboards provide high-level data and analysis.
  • PDF reports available for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals.
  • Portfolio-level reports for multiple assets and presentations.
  • Full-detail performance reports that can be customized according to purpose.

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