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Verogy’s proven processes and methods will make your solar project a reality.

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Utility scale solar facilities may require a lot of initial work in the planning and development phase, but once the facility is built and operating, the array is essentially generating money with little overhead and few maintenance costs. This is what makes solar power so attractive to investors. The missing piece of the puzzle is a trusted solar contractor, and here is where Verogy comes in. Our process to develop utility scale facilities has come from years of developing similar projects.

Monitor And Maintain | Verogy

Acquire rights to real estate

All utility-scale solar projects need space. Verogy leverages relationships with real estate owners to lease their open land. More and more solar arrays are being built on abandoned agricultural land, but other locations are suitable for solar projects including parking lots, rooftops, and landfills-virtually any open space that receives plentiful sunlight can be considered for solar. Verogy will work with you to secure the land needed for a utility-scale project.

Let's save the planet together.

Your solar project will help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.


Not all locations are the same. Some receive less sunlight, are more prone to rain, are not near a connection to the energy grid, or may be difficult to access. All in all, no two projects are the same. The solar design experts at Verogy will do a thorough site survey to determine the viability of the location. We handle all permitting, access, design, contingency plans, and all considerations before we install a single panel. This thorough preparation is what sets Verogy apart from other solar developers. Too many solar projects go over budget or are abandoned altogether because not enough work was done up front. Solar projects go beyond design and construction; this is a structure that will have a lifespan of 20-25 years of continuous use, so we put in the necessary planning to ensure success.


Verogy manages all vendors and providers for you for a seamless construction process. Our clients have a single touchpoint for easy communication and to help keep the project on schedule. A photovoltaic power station is a complicated facility to construct, particularly if it is in a remote location. Verogy handles everything and provides weekly construction updates and reports.

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Monitor and maintain

As the EPC contractor, Verogy is a natural choice for operations and maintenance. Power output is monitored remotely by Verogy daily. The solid-state systems on solar arrays have no moving parts which means they require little maintenance other than annual or bi-annual inspections and cleanings. Operating costs of solar energy are low compared to other kinds of energy production as well, making solar a great option.

Sell electricity to utility companies

One of our main functions is selling the energy our clients have collected to the utility companies. Financial performance is critical to the success of the project. Electricity prices will vary at different times of the day or during times of high demand. The power purchase agreement is negotiated through Verogy with the local utility, guaranteeing a market for the produced energy for a contractual term.

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