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Energy accounts for a large portion of your overhead. With solar, you produce your own energy and you do so in a way that will not disrupt your operations.

Become leaner by going greener.

It's time to think outside of the box

If your business owns its building and land, then it is a prime candidate to turn to solar power to reduce energy costs and ease the impact of rising energy costs in the future. Now is a great time to investigate the feasibility of solar energy for your business.

Become Leaner By Going Greener. | Verogy

Things To Consider When Going Solar

Location – Verogy will conduct a survey of how much sunlight your location gets and present a report of what our analysis finds so you can make the right decision. Sunlight is affected by cloudy days and shadows from surrounding buildings and trees so location plays a factor in choosing the right option.

Land options – Open spaces are optimal for ground mounted arrays while locations that are constrained by space may have roof and parking lot canopy options. Each option has its benefits. Roof systems can use 70% of the open roof space after accounting for mechanical and other roof structures.

Accessibility – Your building or facility may already be connected to the grid but Verogy will make sure that your system is compatible.

Economics – Every kilowatt hour you produce onsite goes toward lowering energy demand, which means you lower what you spend on energy each month. That’s the simple economics behind solar. Additionally, some localities allow you to sell renewable attributes through Solar Renewable Energy Credits. This is an attractive option for commercial solar projects for additional cost savings.

Businesses of all sizes use solar energy to lower costs.

Verogy can show you how you can join them.

Ownership options

Verogy will help you develop a solar implementation plan that suits your goals of ownership. This falls into two major categories.

Third-Party Ownership – Verogy will plan, develop, build, maintain, and own the solar array while we utilize your rooftop space or open areas from you to host the array. Through a power purchase agreement or solar lease agreement, you will obtain the power generated by the solar array at a rate that is significantly lower than anything offered by local utility companies. This keeps the solar asset off your books and Verogy will receive any tax credits and depreciation. We will be able to maintain the low energy rate throughout the agreement or life of the system. These terms usually are from 20-25 years depending on the location and project.

Direct Ownership – When you finance and own the system yourself, your company retains the solar array as an asset on the balance sheet and is entitled to all tax credits and depreciation deductions for the life of the asset. These benefits reduce the overall cost of building the system. Verogy can build and maintain your system,  thereby reducing your risk.

Verogy Is Committed To Your Success | Verogy

Verogy is committed to your success

Through the cost reducing power of solar energy, we will ensure your organization is protected from future energy cost fluctuations. We will use our market knowledge, technical expertise, financial leverage, and industry contacts to make sure your solar project is exactly what your business needs, at a price that fits into your budget.

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If you are interested in defraying climbing energy costs and want to promote the use of a clean, renewable form of energy, call Verogy. We will be happy to get to know you, discuss your options, and show you how we can transform your organization.

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