What We Do

Verogy executes every phase of a solar project’s lifecycle.

Our goal: To create, manage, and own the best portfolio in the solar industry. We work to develop, finance, and maintain solar energy projects so our clients can reap the benefits for years to come. If you’re interested in solar energy procurement, we will use our expertise to make your project succeed.

What We Do: Develop

We are experts in marketing solar energy to the most discerning potential clients. Solar is an unknown quantity to many people. Traditional forms of power generation are so prevalent in our society that the mere mention of solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind turbine energy can bring feelings of uncertainty and unreliability.

But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in the case of solar. The typical solar array is a reliable and clean form of energy production. It requires almost no maintenance and generates no pollution. These aspects of solar have been proven time and time again. The missing piece is finding a trustworthy partner to develop and install the system.

Verogy goes the extra mile with every solar project. We perform extensive upfront financial, technical, and jurisdictional diligence. This results in a solid base from which key decision-makers in a solar project can base sound judgments resulting in firm offers that we proudly stand behind.

Verogy Is an Experienced, Professional Solar Developer

Our team has 50-plus years of combined solar expertise. This means we deliver comprehensive solutions for commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

What We Do: Build

The Verogy team sports a proud resume of professional and efficient production in the solar industry.

  1. Engineering – Every project is different and this phase roots out the details. We conduct a thorough site visit and output modeling before the site is designed. The plans go through an internal quality control review for compliance with all client guidelines and best practices.
  2. Permitting – We handle local building and electrical permits and coordinate with local zoning and regulatory boards. This phase also includes a feasibility study and coordination with local utilities.
  3. Procurement – Verogy leverages its relationships with quality solar suppliers and vendors to procure the best materials for your project. The project is submitted for independent QA/QC review with all downstream partners.
  4. Construction – Our dedicated project management team handles the project from start to finish. Our qualified installation partners perform installation services, while Verogy provides weekly construction updates.
  5. Commissioning – This key phase of solar panel construction includes a full quality assessment and checklist before a full system startup and calibration.

From system engineering and design to solar permit services to system commissioning, Verogy is here to bring your solar project plans to life.

What We Do: Own

Our goal is to retain ownership in each solar project throughout its lifecycle. This creates unparalleled incentive alignment with clients and financiers.

  • Operations and Maintenance – Scheduled maintenance visits ensure solar arrays in even the most remote locations are performing within parameters.
  • System Monitoring – Web-based, real-time system performance data allows us to  identify potential system issues quickly.
  • Reporting – In-house production analysts compare and contrast actual production to expectations. Quarterly financial reports can be customized for your organization’s unique needs.

What We Do: Buy

We leverage our expertise in building and owning solar projects to underwrite and ultimately purchase in-construction and operational solar projects. As buyers, we distinguish ourselves with execution speed and availability of capital.

Verogy purchases portfolios of solar power projects from third parties. Our ability to execute transactions quickly and at scale is an enduring source of value for developers.

Building a Renewable Energy Portfolio

As we buy, own, build, and develop solar energy systems, we build our portfolio of renewable energy systems. When our portfolio grows, it shows Verogy’s expertise in the solar industry. So as we expand our portfolio, we add to our considerable solar experience so we can help our clients navigate power purchase agreements (PPAs), tax credit programs, and solar design. The more we grow as a company, the more we can help you develop, design, and use your solar energy project.

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