Why Verogy?

We conduct business with respect and due diligence up front. We believe in our team and our ability to make your solar project a reality. These values help make us a trusted solar company.

When you invest in something new like solar power, the partner you choose is critical.

We Understand That Trust Is Key

Maybe you want to save the planet or maybe you need to reduce your energy costs. Whatever your motivation is for your solar energy project, Verogy is a solar developer you can trust to make your project come to life. Trust is very important in our line of work. We are developers in an industry that’s relatively new and without years of analytics. You hire us on the basis of our expertise and trust that we have the knowledge to see the project through with the transparency to work with you throughout the process. This is why we chose the Latin root “vero” when we named our company. Trust is in our name and when you choose us as your solar developer, our pledge is to remain true to your vision, be accountable to you as our client, and see your project to completion.

Learn About How We Approach Your Project

If you want to know how we’ll handle your commercial solar financing and project design, request a proposal from us today. Learn how a solar industry leader will develop and maintain your renewable energy project.

We’re a Small Team That Brings Big Results

When you work with Verogy, we provide a unique experience in the solar market. We may have a small core team but in such a unique industry, it would be hard to find a group of individuals as dedicated as ours. Our team has worked together on projects of every scale and scope for many years. And with the Verogy team on your side, rest assured we will be laser-focused on your project and your solar needs.

At Verogy, our team provides the solar energy industry expertise to help you take advantage of this renewable energy resource to power your facility.

We Help You Finance Your Next Solar Project

A developer’s ability to build a solar project on time and on budget all boils down to money. We understand that one financial tool doesn’t fit all renewable energy projects. The Verogy team are experts at securing capital for your project, as our executive team has experience raising project financing to support solar project development across the country. Our power to raise capital allows you to realize your solar project without having to borrow 100% of the project costs.

Verogy Is a Proven Leader in a New Industry

Have you considered using solar energy to power your facility or monetize your land? If that’s the case, what’s to stop you from developing that project? When you use the latest solar technologies to power your company, you’ll use energy derived from a natural, renewable energy source that will improve your company’s environmental impact. Unfortunately, these technologies’ newness can be the reason many companies shy away from renewable sources of energy, including solar. When a technology is new, is there any guaranteed ROI once the system is installed?

New solar installers and developers are generally considered riskier investments, which can increase financing costs and the time it takes to complete your project, but not with Verogy. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in the solar industry. From site inspection and project planning to finance, construction, and commissioning, we’ve handled all aspects of solar project development. We put our clients first; it’s our top priority. An individual or organization dedicated to developing a solar project is also dedicated to promoting a greener existence. One where the power we need to run our daily lives can be created without reliance on limited fossil fuels that can damage the environment. With Verogy, not only do you have our knowledge and expertise, you also have our respect.

We Understand Your Solar Needs

Verogy oversees every step of your project financing, solar panel installation, and solar system maintenance. We can determine your system’s solar capacity and how much electricity it should produce to power your facility. Additionally, we work with you if you’re a real estate owner looking to monetize your land by hosting a solar system on it. Whether you want the system to produce electricity for your company or you want to host it on your land, Verogy can work with you. We’ll design the right system for your company and for its location. Then we’ll help you select the right financing option to make your project a reality.

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