Solar is a young industry, so it’s natural to have questions.

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Why Go Solar?

The main reason businesses invest in solar energy is it allows them to save money on energy expenses. This means they have more funds to reinvest back into their organizations. It also allows them to lock in energy savings as a hedge against increasing utility costs and makes them future-proof and independent of other costlier forms of energy. Businesses are also global citizens and are becoming more conscious of their energy usage, and by investing in a renewable form of energy like solar, it lowers their carbon footprint and reduces their part in greenhouse gas emissions.

What Solar Options Does Verogy Offer?

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – This is an option in which Verogy owns the solar equipment on your property and the electricity it creates is then sold to you. The only obligation on your end is to purchase the electricity the Solar PV array produces at a discounted, pre-determined amount. This allows you to get the benefits of the solar array without owning it.
  • Turnkey Sale – We develop and construct the solar array for you to own. This gives you full access to tax credits, depreciation benefits, and renewable energy credits.
  • Solar Loan – This is just like a turnkey sale, but we help you find financing for your project and arrange for the funding of your choice.

What If I Don’t Own My Facility?

Solar can still be an option. Verogy will work with your landlord to help facilitate a solar installation, even if you don’t own your building.

Did You Know?

As of 2019, more than 71.3 gigawatts of solar projects have been installed in the United States.

How Does Solar PV Work?

The cells in a photovoltaic array use photons sent by the sun to create DC energy. It passes through an inverter that converts it to AC energy.  This is then either stored in batteries or passed into the energy grid.

Our Roof Is Old and May Need Replacing. Can Verogy Help?

Through a PPA or turnkey sale, Verogy can offer a unique product that includes the cost of installing a new roof to your Solar PV installation.

What Other Companies Have Gone Solar?

More than 4,000 American companies have installed  Solar PV arrays in 7,400 locations, according to a recent report from the Solar Energy Industry Association. Some of the companies that have used solar in some way include:

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