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Empower your solar project with a partner you can trust.

How can you take advantage of renewable energy resources in a manageable, affordable way? Verogy’s team has the experience to make an affordable renewable energy system a reality for your business.

Our Mission

Solar power is a cleaner, more environmentally sound alternative to fossil fuels, and at Verogy, we work to make clean, renewable energy a reality for our clients. We use our solar engineering expertise and our knowledge of solar project financing to help you use the sun as a renewable energy source that will reduce your carbon footprint and improve your company’s environmental impact. From electricity generation to renewable energy credits, we understand and manage every aspect of the solar development, financing, and maintenance processes. This means we take care of your system for you. We do the work while you reap the benefits of our clean energy systems.

About Us

Verogy has a solid portfolio of renewable energy projects. We believe in building trusting relationships with our clients so they allow us to help them access green power. That’s why we hold ourselves to a high renewable portfolio standard: We want the projects we design, build, and maintain to work well for our clients, while also providing environmental benefits to the world around them.

Need Advice on Your Solar Project Plans?

If you want to know how we would develop your solar project, request a proposal from us today. We’ll let you know how we would handle the project, and what types of risks and benefits it involves.


Are you looking for a career in the solar industry? If so, apply with us today. We’re looking for knowledgeable professionals to join our team of solar experts. You’ll gain experience providing solar solutions and services to commercial businesses, municipalities, universities, and real estate owners. Whether you’re a solar technician or you focus on the business side of solar, we want to hear from you and put your talents to good use.


Years in the Industry

Our Team

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are dedicated members of a growing solar energy community. One of our greatest strengths is our experienced management team. They have a passion for solar energy, innovation, and executing smart, growth-oriented business strategies.

William Herchel
President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alex Figueroa
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Steven Denino
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Steven Gianotti
Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)

Brian Smith
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Bryan Fitzgerald
Director of Development

All About Verogy

Learn more about what we offer, the areas we serve, and how you can can request our services. You can also check our FAQ page for answers to your solar-related questions.

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