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Why Verogy | Verogy

Why Verogy?

In an industry as new as ours, it would be hard to find a group of professionals that have worked together as long as we have. The solar market is still new and growing and when you work with a company to expand your use of renewable energy, you need a partner that you can trust. That’s where Verogy comes in.

What We Do | Verogy

What We Do

Are you interested in solar energy? If you have a project in mind, Verogy will originate, design, permit, and cover all steps of the development process so you can enjoy a hands-off experience. Our approach ensures optimal production and financial performance.

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Areas We Serve

Founded in Hartford, CT, Verogy is committed to helping businesses of all sizes and in any industry achieve their renewable energy goals. We serve businesses throughout New England, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Team | Verogy

Our Team

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are dedicated members of a growing solar energy community. One of our greatest strengths is our experienced management team that has a passion for solar energy, innovation, and executing smart, growth-oriented business strategies.

Careers | Verogy


Are you looking for a rewarding career in renewable energy? We are always on the lookout for smart, forward-thinking individuals to join our team. Get in on the ground floor and help grow a business in an emerging market.

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Solar News

Stay up to date with the latest solar industry trends, energy management best practices, and Verogy news and accomplishments! If you’d like to know more about a certain topic, reach out to our team of industry experts today!

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If you are interested in defraying climbing energy costs and want to promote the use of a clean, renewable form of energy, call Verogy. We will be happy to get to know you, discuss your options, and show you how we can transform your organization.

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