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Our solar project developers are dedicated to delivering industry-leading renewable energy solutions and services.

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We treat every solar project as if it’s our only one. That way, our solar energy experts can give your project the attention it deserves.

Our Core Values

A strong set of values is what drives our organization forward and what compels our clients to trust us to provide industry-leading renewable energy solutions and services. Trust is at the root of everything we do; in fact, it’s the root of our company name. “Vero” as a noun is Latin for “truth” and truth is a critical element of every agreement we make, every business relationship we have, and every project we see through completion.

  • Be Truthful – Being completely honest accelerates the achievement of our collective goals. It provides the freedom for each person to ask questions, embrace their role, and create progress.
  • Be Determined – Successes and failures are rooted in a team’s level of determination to the tasks at hand. We are determined in our work; this disposition benefits our clients and our partners.
  • Be Accountable – Trust is fundamental to a team’s success; without it, team dynamics break down. We build trust as a team by reliably executing our roles according to mutual expectations. We are accountable to our colleagues, our counter-parties, and ourselves.
  • Be Empathetic – Holding on to predispositions and preconceptions creates impediments to mutual understanding. By treating others with respect and empathy, we gain common understanding and, ultimately, productive outcomes.
  • Be Creative in Problem Solving – The business world is rife with problems; quick, lasting solutions are rarely available. Solving problems creatively enables progress, creates change, and allows us to  reach our goals collectively.
  • Be Open to Learning – Learning isn’t easy; no one is omniscient, and everyone can learn. Humility about “what you know” and curiosity about “what you don’t know” are the two key ingredients to being open to learning.
  • Be Inclusive – No one ever does anything meaningful or valuable by themselves. Take the time to thank, acknowledge, and support everyone involved in new successes.

Our Solar Team is Ready to Work with You

If you’re ready to start financing and developing your solar energy project, our solar power team is here to help. We help you design and install your system, and we find financing options that will save you money in the long run. Whatever you solar energy needs are, our solar team will find a way to meet them.