Solar EPC

The Verogy team engineers, procures, and constructs all the equipment your solar array needs.

When you develop and build a solar system, you need someone to find its equipment and put everything together. Verogy performs solar engineering, procurement, and construction to build your solar project properly.

Our Solar Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Services

“EPC” is industry-speak for the phase where we design, develop, and build a solar array. This process is a complete range of solutions, from government approvals and material sourcing to the  building phase. Once we arrive at the EPC, we have already received a contract and are moving from development. When appropriate permits have been pulled and contingent approvals have been received, all that needs to be finished is the design and fulfillment.

The solar EPC phase is where we combine our expertise and knowledge to bring your solar project to life. As our client, you will only have one touch point on the project to streamline communication. We leverage our industry knowledge and vendor relationships to get your project completed within budget and on time.


This is a detailed process where every aspect of the project is planned and timed accurately to reduce delays and budget overruns.

  • Visit the site to review and confirm existing site conditions.
  • Coordinate between all third-party engineering firms including structural, civil, and electrical.
  • Internal quality control review for compliance with all client guidelines.
  • Sophisticated system output modeling.
  • Construction support for submittals and RFI management.
  • Municipal building and electrical permit submission and coordination.
  • Planning and zoning board approval.
  • Regulatory permit submission and coordination.
  • Utility company interconnections.
  • Feasibility and impact study management and coordination.


  • Explore purchasing relationships with preferred suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Coordinate independent engineering firm review processes.
  • Independent QA/QC management and review with all downstream partners.
  • Technology project review and decision with engineering.
  • Full logistics management.

Improve Your Project With Our EPC Services

Verogy provides EPC services that find the right components for your solar project and build it effectively.


  • Dedicated project management team follows project throughout its lifecycle.
  • Onsite construction supervision provides onsite quality and safety compliance.
  • Qualified installation partners perform installation services.
  • Our team provides weekly construction progress reports.
  • Coordinate all inspections.
  • Pre-commissioning checklist to minimize post-construction punch lists.
  • Commissioning visit on completion of the project.
  • Full system start-up and calibration.
  • Performance testing to ASTM standards.
  • Professional engineer stamped installation and performance commissioning report.

Our Comprehensive Solar Services

Our EPC services are just one part of our comprehensive solar services. In addition to EPC, we help you explore your financing options, including tax credits and incentives, so your solar installation is affordable and manageable. Then we monitor and maintain your solar energy system after we install it so you can reap the benefits of solar power for years to come.

Why Verogy?

When you want to see a solar project come to fruition, Verogy is the perfect partner. We are the only source you’ll need for solar design, procurement, and construction. You leverage our expertise and years of solar experience when you partner with Verogy.

To Verogy, communication is key. We host weekly meetings and updates for all of our clients where we explain where we are with the project and how far it is from completion. We focus on educating you throughout the process so you’re never in the dark or left guessing. Our goal is to provide the exact solar project you need.

We’re Here for Your Solar Energy Needs
If you’re ready to use renewable energy and you have a project in mind, reach out to us today.

Verogy works with you to navigate the renewable energy engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) process. Whether you’re working with a solar farm EPC or a solar rooftop EPC, we bring your project to fruition.

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