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Don’t just take it from us. Take it from real clients that have seen the power of solar firsthand.

“This project solved two key objectives for the property. First, our economics from the project created an upfront payment to us, which we used to purchase and install a new roof membrane for the building. Second, we were able to receive value for a portion of the building that was previously unproductive: the building’s rooftop. I’ve appreciated the partnership and professionalism of the Verogy team as we’ve gone through all the project’s phases – from lease contract through project operation.”

“Sustainability is an important goal in East Hartford, [and] that’s why we have taken steps to adopt clean transportation, energy efficiency and other measures. The completion of the solar array at the Senior Center makes it the tenth solar installation in town, demonstrating our passion for reducing our carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy. The solar panels at the Senior Center are the latest example of how East Hartford is making our community ‘greener’ while saving taxpayers’ money.”

“Verogy provided us with extensive support and expertise through every step of the solar energy process, ensuring successful completion of this project. Our rooftop solar array will offset half of our energy costs, which will help us better serve our customers in Old Saybrook.”

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Verogy to make our clean energy vision a reality. Thanks to this project, we’re one step closer to fulfilling our obligation to preserve the environment. Additionally, the savings on our energy bill will provide a financial benefit for years to come.”

“Barker Specialty is committed to help build a sustainable future for our community and planet. We mitigate our carbon footprint through environmentally conscious actions, and partner with suppliers who responsibly source products and materials. Adding solar to our property helps us take another step to our goals.”

“Not only are we looking forward to the financial benefits of going green, we’re also thankful for the opportunity to do our part for the environment by taking these important steps to reduce our CO2 emissions. Thanks to Verogy for their support in completing this project.”

“We are so happy to have found a solar energy solution that compliments the beauty of our grounds. Working with Verogy has proved to be a win-win.”

“Recent increases in our utility costs make it even more important that we take control of our energy expenses. Partnering with Verogy again is helping West Hartford save money and support clean, renewable locally-generated energy; it’s a real win-win.”

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