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If you are a landowner, or if you represent any entity who owns or has control of land, Verogy can determine if your site is a fit for solar development.

Put your open spaces to work for you.

Verogy can help you monetize your open spaces

The cost of renewable energy is dropping and in some locations, the cost is lower than natural gas or coal. Solar developers, like Verogy, are looking for available open land to host solar projects. Similar to a traditional lease agreement, we propose to rent or lease the land from you. This structured agreement typically has a 20-35 year lifespan. Verogy handles all components of the project including development, engineering, construction, permitting, interconnection approvals, finance, commissioning, and maintenance.

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Things To Consider As A Land Owner

Is your land suitable for solar? – One megawatt of solar typically requires 6-8 acres of land. The typical solar farm produces 5-20 megawatts which would require 30-150 acres. It should be accessible and near existing transmission infrastructure. Another consideration is that the land needs to have sufficient sun exposure.

Solar energy adds value to your land. – As a landowner, you should think about your property’s present and future uses and values. Solar land development generally creates more revenue than agricultural uses and it provides a steady, reliable income.

One megawatt of solar typically requires 6-8 acres of land.

The typical solar farm produces 5-20 megawatts which would require 30-150 acres.

Reasons To Start A Solar Farm

Solar arrays produce clean, renewable energy. – Energy produced from the warmth of the sun is clean and renewable. A solar array is a passive method of producing energy and it produces no pollution, no traffic, no noise, and no light. True, solar requires sunlight which is not possible on cloudy days or overnight, but it also doesn’t require burning limited fossil fuels or emitting dangerous hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

Your solar farm has little impact to the environment. – All you need is a wide open space. The impact to the land is minimal as the only onsite structure may be an equipment pad and electrical infrastructure to handle the produced energy. Solar farms can be placed nearly anywhere under the sun without disruption or intrusion.

Verogy handles all construction and maintenance. – Solar equipment has developed over the years and it is more robust and dependable than ever. Your solar panels require little on-site maintenance aside from vegetation control and routine repairs. Output and trends are monitored remotely so if an issue is detected or if certain panels aren’t performing as they should, we will send a team to investigate and perform the needed repairs.

Your roof can be an asset too. – Verogy also leases roof space for large logistics facilities and warehouses. Companies that own these kinds of buildings will benefit from an additional revenue stream while augmenting their existing power grid. This lowers their dependence on purchased electricity from fossil fuels.

Put Your Open Spaces To Work For You | Verogy

Why Verogy?

If you are interested in monetizing your open land or available roof space, give the solar experts at Verogy a call. We can do a complete site audit to test its viability for solar and give you some options if you are interested in building your own array.

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If you are interested in defraying climbing energy costs and want to promote the use of a clean, renewable form of energy, call Verogy. We will be happy to get to know you, discuss your options, and show you how we can transform your organization.

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