Municipalities and Universities

Universities and municipalities nationwide are finding solar energy to bring more than just cost reduction benefits.

Your public entity can stay committed to sustainability with solar energy.

Colleges and Universities Are Increasingly Using Solar Energy

“Carbon neutral” is a common term used among renewable energy industry leaders and scholars. This is the practice of having a zero carbon footprint either by balancing carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered, or adjusting your actions so you are responsible for no carbon production. As colleges and universities are finding new ways to go green, such as purchasing local food and composting waste, they are turning to different sources of energy. Solar, which is taking the lead in reducing their carbon footprint, is the perfect answer to high energy bills.

Many college campuses provide interesting challenges, as much of the architecture is historic, the open spaces can be a little cramped for urban campuses, and infrastructure can be dated. However, colleges are no strangers to constrained budgets, and campuses everywhere are nuclei for forward thinking, reducing emissions, and DIY energy production.

It’s Time to Go Green

An alliance with Verogy allows your school or town to cut your reliance on energy from fossil fuels.

Municipalities Use Solar for More Than Clean Energy

Just as businesses everywhere have turned to solar power to reduce energy costs, municipalities have found that they too can benefit from solar by producing their own energy. This helps stretch already thin budgets to invest more in fire protection, police coverage, and community programs. Also, many municipalities rely on power generated elsewhere in the state, or even out of state, while solar helps them keep their money and business local.

Installing solar panels on public buildings and in publicly owned open areas can help municipalities support the local clean-energy economy. A municipal solar program can also help meet sustainability commitments and combine with community outreach resources to educate residents about renewable energy systems.

How Can Verogy Help?

We help organizations of every size plan, develop, source, construct, and manage their solar projects. This usually results in the initiator of the project owning it after all is said and done, but municipalities and universities that are tax-exempt cannot take advantage of tax credits and rebates. Through Verogy, we can set the contract up as a system lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) that allows municipalities to enjoy energy rates that are much lower than what is available from other utility companies.  With this method in place, Verogy monetizes the tax benefits and rebates from government programs on your behalf.

Solar projects are a great way for universities and municipalities to save money, educate, and reduce their carbon footprints. All that’s needed is a trusted partner like Verogy to handle the heavy lifting.

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Whether you’re interested in a government solar panels program or solar panels for college campuses, Verogy has the resources and expertise to help. We understand why communities want to harness solar electricity and why colleges and universities want to make their campuses solar-accessible. Because we have experience providing solar panels for schools and municipal governments, your solar project will be in good hands.



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