Solar Project Finance

Make your solar project an affordable reality with our financing options.

If you want to invest in a solar project, you need to understand your financing options. Verogy offers multiple options to meet our clients’ different solar financing needs.

We Seek Out Solar Financing Options for Your Solar Project

The Verogy team are experts at securing capital for your project, as our executive team has experience raising project financing to support solar project development across the country. New ways to pay for solar projects, like power purchasing agreements (PPAs), mean that a solar project is well within your reach. With so many ways to finance your commercial solar project, we see what works best for you.

Solar Is an Investment That Brings a Guaranteed Return

Solar energy has many financial benefits. In fact, cost reduction is a primary reason most solar projects move forward:

  • Lower Energy Costs – Energy costs are a large portion of business overhead, regardless of your business size or industry. When a business can augment its energy use with solar, it can considerably reduce its reliance on energy from fossil fuels.
  • Use a Renewable Resource – Solar is a clean, environmentally-friendly energy source and companies that use it are seen as being progressive.
  • Mitigate Risk – Energy costs have risen over the years and your solar project can help your business respond to growing energy issues.

Cash or Loan

This is the simplest and most direct way to finance your project. Companies and organizations that have useable capital and available tax appetite can finance their own solar projects. This allows them to directly own the asset on their balance sheet. You also have ownership of and access to the asset for its entire serviceable lifetime or until it is sold, taking full advantage of any tax credits or accelerated depreciation.


A lease allows you to benefit from the solar system on your roof or land with no out of pocket cost. We “lease” a portion of you property to build and operate the array and pay you regular, fixed payments. After the lease period, you can renew the lease or purchase the system outright. This results in little or no upfront capital needed and less volatility than you may find in PPA agreements.

Finance Your Solar Project With Us

Find a solar financing option that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is an agreement in which Verogy builds a solar project on your property and then sells the electricity to you at a rate considerably lower than what is being offered by the utility company. While Verogy owns the equipment and the tax credits, the value from them are used to keep your monthly payments low. This keeps the asset off your balance sheet and all risk from the project lies with Verogy.

Other Solar Financing Options

If you need additional help to make your solar energy system a reality, we can help you access other solar panel financing options. These include tax credits for using renewable energy, such as the Connecticut ZREC (Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit). Our team has the solar financing expertise to help you access these options.

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Why Verogy?

We do a lot of work upfront to make it easy for our clients to afford solar projects. One of our best assets is that we handle all the technical, engineering, financing, and construction so your solar power project is built and you can begin to experience the benefits of solar energy efficiently. Verogy has a proven history of completing solar projects that provide daily benefits for our clients for years.

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