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With a solar project that suits your needs. Let the Verogy team help you plan, build, and manage your solar portfolio, ensuring its continued success.

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The following services and solutions are where we shine brightest, helping you implement your project so you can harness solar power’s renewable energy benefits.

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When you partner with a commercial solar energy company like Verogy, you gain access to solar industry expertise that will help make your project a success. We are a renewable energy company that wants to build a strong portfolio of solar energy projects for the benefit of our clients and our planet. The vital importance of these solar installation lower your electricity bills and improve your long-term environmental impact.

Industries We Serve

Your business can save on energy costs by investing in solar energy.

Fight the rising cost of energy by producing your own.

Your open spaces can be monetized with a revenue stream that is reliable and unintrusive.

Learn more about the utility scale projects that Verogy currently has under development.

Industries We Serve

We work with business owners, landowners, and community leaders to provide energy and money-saving solar solutions.

About Verogy

The experts at Verogy have been developing, financing, installing, and operating commercial and utility scale solar projects since 2011. Altogether, our team members have over 75 years of solar experience. This translates to a solar company that will get to know you, your organization, and the goals for your solar project, while also bringing the same technical expertise, powerhouse design, and finance procedures a larger firm would offer.

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