Connecticut Solar Services

Verogy is based in Hartford, CT, and we provide our solar services to businesses, organizations, and communities throughout the state.

If you want to invest in commercial solar in Connecticut, Verogy has the services and solutions to help you do that. We help your business, organization, or community with development, financing, installation, and maintenance. We create solar panel systems for individual facilities and campuses, as well as solar farms that serve entire communities.

How Does Verogy Help Connecticut Business Go Solar?

When you partner with Verogy, we provide the following solar services:

  • Project Development: When we develop your solar project, we assess the risks associated with the project. First, we help you establish why you want to develop a solar project. Once we establish your motivations for starting your project, we look at the risks involved and determine how to make your Connecticut solar project a reality.
  • Project Finance: We help you find the right financing options for your project. For example, we help you assess your financial situation and determine whether solar ownership suits you. If you’d prefer to rent your solar system or purchase the energy it generates from us, we can set you up with a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA).
  • Tax Incentives: We locate solar incentives that meet your financing needs. Available Connecticut solar incentives include net metering, ZRECs, the C-PACE program, and more to help you pay off your solar investment efficiently.
  • Solar EPC: After we develop your solar project with you, we build it with our engineering, procurement, and construction services. During the EPC process, we visit the project site to review its conditions, get all the necessary permits, procure the right equipment for the panel system, and construct and install the solar system. We hold weekly meetings with you to show our progress during the EPC process.
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M): We use our O&M services to keep your solar PV system running properly throughout its lifespan. These services include system commissioning, monitoring, data analysis, and technician dispatch. We provide safe field service when problems arise to help your system resume its regular functions as quickly as possible.

Discover the Industries We Serve

We help Connecticut organizations in several different industries and sectors switch to clean energy through solar installations.

Examples of Connecticut Solar Projects

We’ve mentioned how we have developed and installed solar projects in Connecticut, but what do those projects look like? Here are three examples of Connecticut projects we have completed:

  • West Hartford Town Hall: We performed development and EPC services for the West Hartford Town Hall’s 122 kW solar system. We also serve as the system owner for them. Their rooftop solar system went live 14 weeks after we finalized their contract. We have a PPA with them, so we own the system and sell its clean energy to them. The Town Hall’s system generated 141,808 kWh of electricity in its first year of operation. The system also generated $201,050 in energy savings for the West Hartford municipality. We also finished installation on a 722 kW system on the roof of King Philip Middle School at the end of last year.
  • Designs for Health: This installation is one of our commercial and industrial solar projects. We installed Designs for Health’s 171kW ground-mount system next to their facility. We provided development and EPC services for their installation, and it’s now operational in Suffield, CT.
  • Western Connecticut State University: This installation is one of our municipal, educational, and nonprofit solar projects. We provided turnkey EPC contractor services for WCSU’s 317 kW ground-mount system. Our turnkey EPC services mean that we engineer, procure, and build their system and then allow the university to maintain it. The university receives a completed solar panel system, and they can take care of it as they see fit. This operational system is located in Danbury, CT.

These projects involve different solar services, but we were able to meet our client’s needs in every single case.

Complete Your Connecticut Organization’s Solar Project With Verogy

Reach out to us to learn more about our Connecticut solar projects and services to start implementing your own project. We’re ready to assess your solar energy needs and help you finance, develop, and maintain your project. We customize our services as our clients require them. When you partner with us, we use each service to maximize your organization’s clean energy usage and energy efficiency. Connect with us when you’re ready to start your Connecticut solar project. As one of the best solar companies in Connecticut, we use our solar industry knowledge and experience to create the best solar system for your energy needs.

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