Rhode Island Solar Services

Use our customizable commercial solar services for your Rhode Island business.

If you have a Rhode Island solar project you want to finance, build, and maintain, Verogy has the services you need. We help your organization, business, or community transition to solar energy to give you energy savings and help you take advantage of clean energy.

Verogy’s Commercial Solar in Rhode Island

When you partner with Verogy to transition to solar power, we provide the following solar services for your solar system:

  • Project Development: Our project development services help you iron out your solar energy system’s details in its early planning stages. We help you determine your solar needs and assess your project’s risks and requirements. Once you understand these factors, we help you engineer and build your solar panel system.
  • Project Finance: When you invest in a renewable energy project, you need a way to pay for it. Our solar project financing services offer several options that meet different organizations’ financial needs and circumstances. You can buy your solar system from us outright with cash or a loan, or you can rent the system or purchase its energy from us through a solar lease or a power purchase agreement (PPA). We help you consider all these options and choose the right one for your organization.
  • Solar EPC: The engineering, procurement, and construction (the EPC) process is the next step after solar development and financing. During this step, we assess your project site’s condition, procure all the necessary equipment and permits, and construct your solar energy system. Once we complete this phase, your system becomes operational.
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M): Our O&M services include system commissioning and continual monitoring to ensure your system runs correctly. If problems appear, we send one of our field technicians to fix the problems as quickly as possible. Take advantage of our O&M services to keep your solar energy system running smoothly.
  • Tax Incentives: We help you explore the Rhode Island solar incentives your project qualifies for. These incentives include the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Growth Program, C-PACE, net metering, and National Grid Electric’s energy efficiency program, among other options. We assess your project’s qualifications and determine which incentives’ requirements it meets. Then we help you apply for those incentives to offset the costs of your solar installation.

Learn About Our Past Solar Projects

View previous projects we’ve worked on to find out how we made them a reality for each of our clients.

What Kinds of Solar Projects Have We Installed in Rhode Island?

We are currently building a 410 kW rooftop solar panel system for Branch View Associates in Providence, Rhode Island. We provide them with our solar development and EPC services. We also serve as their solar system’s owner, and they will rent the system from us when it’s complete. Their solar panel system is spread out across their facility’s roof. Upon completion, it will generate clean energy that lowers their electric bills and reduces their reliance on fossil fuels.

Why Partner With Verogy to Develop, Install, and Maintain Your Solar Project?

At Verogy, we have installed solar panels across the United States. We use the knowledge and experience we’ve gained to build the right customized solar system for your facility, campus, or municipality. We work with businesses and organizations in industries and sectors such as commercial, industrial, municipal, and education. We also work with commercial real estate owners to create utility-scale solar farms for entire communities. We develop, finance, build, and maintain solar projects of all sizes across the country, and we’re here to do the same for you.

Begin Creating Your Solar Energy Project With Verogy

If you want to develop, finance, and install a solar system for your organization or community, reach out to us today. Choose only the solar services you want and need for your project, and we will carry them out for you. When you need a solar company to show up and deliver their services to your exact specifications, Verogy is there. Whether you need a small rooftop array for your business or a utility-scale solar farm, we have the services to bring your project to life and make it operational. Connect with us today for more information on our solar services in Rhode Island.

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