With CO2 emissions on the rise once again, more businesses are looking for energy-efficient solutions for their power needs. Solar energy provides a sustainable source of energy for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. But the seeming complexity of successful solar project development may be daunting to some business owners.

If concerns about downtime or difficulty are keeping your business from making the transition to solar power, it’s critical that you connect with an energy development partner that provides clarity and transparency at every step of the process.

When you work with Verogy for your renewable energy needs, we follow these five fundamental steps to deliver an optimal solar solution tailored to your operations:


When you reach out to us for a consultation, the first step we take is to clarify your goals and motivations for transitioning to solar energy. From there, we come out to visit your project site and facility. We’ll analyze current electricity demands and make some rough calculations for your electricity generation goals.

At this point, you tell us what you want out of your photovoltaic (PV) energy system, and we give you a clear idea of what’s possible with your facility. We’ll be able to give you an idea of how much a solar PV infrastructure could save you and how quickly you can expect a return on your investment.


During the planning stage, we write up a contract so that we are all on the same page from the beginning. From there, we’ll begin a concrete design for your PV infrastructure. Because we deal with PV systems on a daily basis all over the United States, we handle all of the necessary permitting and compliance requirements no matter where you’re located.

We also start researching potential rebates and tax incentives to help you finance your project. At the end of this step, we’ll give you a detailed project timeline along with infrastructure requirements.

Procurement And Installation

Now that we know exactly what we need, we leverage the PV market to get you cutting-edge components for the best value. Once we’ve procured everything we need, we install everything at your facility as promised.


After installation, we rigorously test your new infrastructure to guarantee long-term success and reliability. Because we spend so much time creating a detailed plan and focusing on quality installation that’s done right the first time, the testing stage is typically the shortest aspect of our development process. Once we have verified that every element of your system meets our detailed standards, we are ready to move on to the next step.


Now that your system has undergone scrutiny and inspection, we launch full-scale functionality. Your system operates as promised, and we provide long-term ongoing support to make sure your PV infrastructure guarantees your continued success and satisfaction.

Anything else you want to know about our solar development process? Contact our team of experts today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.